Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Still Enjoy Men.

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Women my age are not supposed to be interested in sex, right?  Most people do not want to see me shaking my patootie to Shoop by Salt N’ Pepa.  Well I am here to tell you that I although I am old enough to be a grandmother, I AM STILL A WOMAN AND WILL ALWAYS BE ONE!  You could say ( and you probably would)  that of late I have developed a round, cushy, and yet agreeable  and  satisfying  physical persona.  Thanks to my slowing metabolism, an affection for comfortable chairs, and a growing aversion to organized exercise, there seems to be some extra pounds draped onto my maturing frame.  And as always I plan to remain married and monogamous.  Nevertheless, I still notice an attractive man when I see one; which to tell you the truth is not very often, but when I do I am quite thrilled.  So I decided to make a list of some of the men I think are very beautiful, but to make you readers feel at ease, I will compose only a tiny and very annotated list.  You know I could go on forever.

Sexy Seniors

Robert Wagner- He was hot when he was young, gorgeous in middle age, and is now delectable in his older years. He will always be Number One with me.  Anyone remember Hart to Hart?

Tom Jones- Detroit had a Canadian station in the seventies before cable. When I was nine years old I saw Tom Jones on some variety show he had going on at that time. I did not know or care what he was singing.  I still do not know. Or care.   Even at that tender, innocent age I knew fine when I saw it.  No one should be that sexy.  It is just not proper.

Sexy around my age

Delroy Lindo- Big hunk of chocolate brown man with a lovely English/Jamaican accent.  He has a noble and virile way about him.  Pretty good actor too.

Keanu Reeves-He seems sweet and strong, and he might have a rich musky scent about his body.  My mind wanders in wonder.  Dreamy.  I would like an up close look at this specimen, I mean man.

Ruben Blades-I just cannot help myself.   Although not classically handsome, he does have something fierce and alive in him.  He is cool, down to earth, a lawyer, an actor, musician, and incredibly sensual.  He was also the Minister of Tourism for Panama for five years.  All I can say is that if I ever meet this man, I will make a complete idiot of myself.

David Alan Grier-This is my Detroit homeboy.  He is intelligent, smooth, and funny.  Nice body and irresistibly winning smile.

Too young but I have to mention anyway.

Malcolm Jamal Warner-That boy grew up good.

Leonardo Dicaprio-Him too.

Dead but not forgotten

Last but not least- Steve McQueen-This has to be one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen.  He had a symmetrical erotic balance to his face and body.  He was wild and crazy when he was young, but he seemed to be getting some sense as he got older.  He died when I was in high school and I am only a few years away from fifty, but I have just begun to accept his death.  Cancer.  Damn, damn, damn.  I remember when he went down to Mexico for some kind of special treatment. He did not even live to 55.  If there is a heaven for me, Steve will be there.

You know what I really find disturbing is when I am looking at a young man
because he reminds me of my son and the boy thinks that I am checking him out.   Just remember that women do not always have sex on their minds when they look at a man.  Only sometimes.  Don’t tell Chip about this post!  Any honorable mentions?

I've got my own honorable mentions: 
Cute little Jackie Chan is energetic and flexible.
I still have on a crush on Glenn Frey from the Eagles.
Scott Bakula has an outstanding back view.

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