Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Explosive Discharges October Edition

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As a former Marine, I am aware of what it means to receive a dishonorable discharge from the service. It can negatively affect the self esteem. Even though my discharge from the Marines was honorable, I have to admit I am familiar with embarrassingly shameful ejections from bodily orifices, mostly from my usually silent mouth. Trying to be nice can be very difficult. I often wonder what to make of some of the unexpected eruptions of truth and anger usually served by me with a side of humor and sarcasm. So I have decided to risk sharing a few edited versions of (legitimate?) outbursts to let the readers know that they are not the only ones who feel like screaming sometimes or asking questions that may make them unpopular. I will update it regularly. If you have any you want to add on feel free to do so. And don't forget those outbursts of joy!

Today I worked with an intelligent, kind, and attractive young black man.  It felt so good to be in his presence.  I need much more exposure; it will remind me that my brother and son are not the only good ones out there.

Not ashamed to admit that I laugh until I cry at Pootie Tang.

 I was asked by a close male friend of mine to put this information on my blog.  Oprah had a show on yesterday about a group of women who had contracted HIV from a man who intentionally infected and played all of them.
 My friend, who is an avid reader of the "Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler, and a hopeless romantic wants all women to use a condom.   If any man refuses do not share any part of your precious body with him.  This mature and sexy man also suggests that women be very careful when they meet an interesting new beau.  According to him, a background check never hurt anyone in good standing.

Would somebody tell Rick Springfield that he is drop dead gorgeous, and that he does not have to dye his hair. Oh and by the way, Val Kilmer is fine, big belly and all.

There were some teenaged girls sitting on top of the mailboxes in the front of the trailer park.  They should have not been on them, but I hesitated in saying what I wanted to say. And then I could not help myself.  I told them to get off of the mailboxes and that they should never sit on them.  It just seems that at some point somebody has to tell young people the right thing.  But some of them and their parents are violent and unreasonable, so there is a risk in doing what is needed.

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  1. You were in the MArines! I want to hear more about that. Also, I am glad you told those girls to get off those mailboxes, although I can't quite picture this. They were sitting on mailboxes?

  2. Hi Charlotte. I was a Marine about 23 yrs. ago. My MOS was Supply Administration. I left the Marine Corps when my son was a baby. He was constantly in daycare, and it was not working out for neither one of us.

    The trailer park I live in has a communal mailbox at the front of the park. Every resident is assigned a box. It is made of metal, about 12' wide, 3' long, and 2' deep. The kids hang out there and sometimes they can be obnoxious. Then someone has to settle them down. They are for the most part good kids, but they can be very irritating.

    I put a comment on "The Woman Who Named God" post from July. I could not find your email address.