Sunday, October 18, 2009

To Be Encouraged or Where the Heck My Witches At?

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I have been talking to some of my obviously talented intelligent friends and acquaintances, and most of them do not see themselves the way I see them.  They do not see their brillance, creativity, resourcefulness, and beauty.  Most of the time I do not see my slew of positive attributes either.  Has someone bedeviled us with some kind of dark and evil spell?  Curses.

So many times we have been torn down by the diabolical intentions of this competitive and fast paced world.  People say there is something wrong with us in our natural state, and so we try to be what they tell us we should be, but that does not work the desired effect.  We feel confused and unsure of who and what we are.  Next, we begin to make life decisions based on inaccurate suppositions.  Then when our conconctions turn out wrong we wonder how it happened.  I wish I had a beautiful magic wand to fix these things in myself and you readers.

It is like this; I just cannot take it any more.  We are going to learn to love ourselves even it it makes us feel twisted in knots, nauseated, and adrift in a sea of mysterious damp sweet fog.  We need some sort of transformation and to learn how to practice our inherent, unconscious, and mighty powers. 

This is my incantation and it is not mumbo jumbo.  Repeat after me:  When I see someone doing something well, I will acknowlege them.  If I feel jealous, I will ask them how they accomplished some of their dreams.  Then I will work on my own goals and not worry about what other people are doing and saying.  I will surround yourself with people, who like me, are full of hope and encouragement.

Now I have to follow my own phenomonal advice.  Come on Witches!

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  1. Thank you! I am re-inspired to continue this project of self acceptance. It is a hard road. And sometimes it feels like only magic will make it happen.

  2. I am going to be trying too Charlotte. I hope you have voice back. Mine is finally coming in. I have read your book and I have a few questions. If you don't mind,I will you email you with my questions. I will try not to ask too many, but it is so exciting to query an author directly. I have a few of my professors's books, but they don't count, because I had to read them.