Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Politically Incorrect Statements Updated Regulary

What I like about getting older is that the episodes of when I am a damned fool are getting fewer and fewer.   I am learning how to stay out of trouble.

Children are so honest and real; they express no doublespeak or ambiguous statements to be interpreted one way or another. Those babies get straight to the point and I really appreciate it.

Some children touched my hair today.  They had never seen my kind of hair.  I told them it was nappy.  They think that nappy is wonderful.

Stunned.  Sammy Sosa's face.  What happened to him?  Some people say it's all about money.  Sammy is going to be doing a commercial for bleaching cream somewhere overseas.  Bleaching creams are a billion dollar a year business.  I think he looks unnatural, sort of like an android, but a man's gotta eat.  He found another way to sell a body.,sammy-sosa-pictures-skin-09.article

Got my hair cut short again. People never ask one question that might give them some small hint of who or what I am.  They just assume.   From now on, when someone asks me if I'm gay, I will give the biggest Whoopie Goldberg grin I can muster and purr sweetly and enigmatically, "Perhaps."

I thought I would be wiser when I became older.  What actually seems to be happening is that most of the time I am too tired to react to other people's stupidity, but it appears that I am holding my tongue.

In the case of Health Care Reform and abortion coverage, I don't understand why the federal government should cover abortion any more than private insurance companies have.    I am a feminist and womanist.  I love women and men, and I don't think I mean I'm bisexual; I am speaking of agape love.  I just don't get what the uproar is about. What is really needed is some birth control coverage.

The presence of a kind, loving man is a blessing and a comfort.

Harvie Krumpet is awesome!

Chip believes that if women were in charge of the world, there would be almost as much war on the planet earth as there is now.  I disagree.  If older women wielded substantial power, I believe there would be more pacificism, cooperation, and negotiation present than the current violent and precarious position we find ourselves in.  Most older women are exhausted and sickened by death, suffering, and wasted energy and beauty.  Not to say that everything would be perfect, it would be just be better than it is now.

Why are there commercials for Christmas so soon before Thanksgiving?

My partner of twenty-six years, who knows me very well, humph, has just informed me that I am both sweet and bitchy, (he said ornery) and he likes it.  So flip me over and see what happens.

I believe that men should financially support their families and children, or at least be trying.

Most of us need some good reliable health care.  Let these people who say we don't need a public option lose their jobs and get sick.

Some people prefer to sound intelligent rather than actually be intelligent.  Some of them actually believe they can fool God or the Universe, the Creator, Whatever Put Us Here.  We all have so much we need to learn.  I know I do.
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  1. I agree with all -- there would be No War.

  2. Chip's opinion is based on his knowledge that I am an unashamed advocate of water boarding in certain cases!