Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Mike Barnacle is sexy!

Of course I am not speaking of myself, but it is possible that there may be non-humans among us.  Mind you, I am not saying that there are, just that it is possible.  Look at the people around you; consider the strange people that you know.  I did not mean the ones in your family, although some of them could make you wonder.  I am just saying.   Half-serious giggle!  Are we really alone in this huge, unknown, and mysterious universe?  Think about it and let me know what you come up with.

I am not opposed to supposedly mixed couples, being a part of one myself.  But I saw something today that I had never seen before.  There were two Colored lesbians arguing over this average looking woman of European descent on Judge Mathis.  Now I have been one of those woman looking at Colored men with Caucasian women with hurt and rage, but that was in the past.  It felt weird seeing them;  I felt off balance, because what I saw was unexpected and unusual, at least for me.  In other words, I did not know what to think, feel, or say. Should I be offended?  Do I really care?  You have never heard me say I was rational.

I believe in marriage.  Having said that, I also believe in the calm, sanity saving benefits of celibacy.  Keep in mind, I have been married to same man for twenty-six years.  Some days I start the morning swaying to Nina Simone's version of Wild Is The Wind, and I end the day tapping my toe to Amel Larrieux's Earn My Affections.

An elementary school I was recently visiting provided laptops for all its first- graders.  The world is uh changing.  These babies are going to be seriously computer literate.  The six-year olds already know how to play computer games that I cannot even move fast enough to even get a decent score. 
Then, I was listening to Micheal Baisden on the radio yesterday making fun of people who still watch videos, do not have Itunes, or email.
Well, I love my VHS and will keep buying the tapes as long they are available at the Goodwill and yard sales.  I just got an Ipod for a present this summer, and to tell you the truth I am getting damned tired of reading most email.  I do not want to Twit, do you hear me?  I choose to die out with the old ways.

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