Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Elders

The Senior Citizen Center let me take a memoir writing class with them a few years ago although I was too young.  I met a neighbor there who had been in the Hitler Youth.  She showed the class her Hitler Youth yearbook and told what it was like when Hitler was in power-that everyone did not want him, that her father died of a heart attack after a few years later of trying to stand against evil laws, that her town was destroyed; she showed the pictures and told us the what it was like to be bombed by the Australians.  She still had tears of rage in her eyes, and when she said Heil Hitler the hair stood up on my neck and arms.

I met a woman whose older brother had died in the Influenza Epidemic of 1916.  There was living history in my proxmity, and I did not know it.  At that time I had just finished reading Karen Hesse's "A Time Of Angels" (I read children's books too), and the story is about a girl who survives the epidemic with the help of loving spirits.  Millions of people died, but not our immediate ancestors; we are the children of the survivors.  She also told me about how people tried to keep she and her husband from buying a house in this county because they were Catholic.  I had no knowledge of this past.

Did you know that Art Linkletter was still alive? He was born July 17, 1912.  He has probably made plenty of good decisions and mistakes during his ninety-seven years in this existence.  I wonder what he has learned from his tour of duty on earth?

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