Monday, December 28, 2009

What I Learned in 2009

If you speak out of turn:

At least not too many are seriously listening.  I will try not to be anxious.  The button is vulgar, but it does have the ring of truth.

I will Never, Never, Never, expect anything in return for the good that I do.  Occasionally I will get a return and other times I will not.  Doing good for the joy and the experience of being a part of something positive will be my expected payoff.

A young man reminded me this weekend that soon all of our bodies will be compost.  I will remember and act accordingly.

It is very important to have my own personal definition of success.  Other people mean well, so I will take what works for me, but I must live my own life with its own victories and losses.  No one can live for me and no one has all the answers that I need.  I will have to grapple with some things and there is no way to avoid it.  Damn!

Gradual or sudden change is normal.  It can be positive or painful, and it will be.

Everyone does not have to like me.  It would not make sense if they did.

Justice is an ideal that has not fully come into being on the earth.  I keep saying, "But it's not fair," and it is not, never has been and never will be, at least not in our current existence.  I need to accept this.

Life is not supposed to turn out a certain way.  There are way too many variables at work to be able to predict certain outcomes. What one person decides to do really does matter.

There are many days that I feel like the little good that I have done in the world has made no difference, and then I remember all the people in my life who have had a positive influence on me, yet they may never know the significance of their being.

Feelings can not always be helped, but I can choose my actions.  Easier said than done, but still very true to me.

I am already tired of the preventive maintenance I have to practice to keep myself alive.  There is flossing, exercise, diet, and sparring with people (family members and you know who you are) who eat more than I do and make fun of my weight.  It's not fair!

It has been quite a year for me.


  1. Judaye -
    I absolutely love your post...and your voice! Matter-of-fact, succint, and heartfelt. I'm glad I discovered you here, and plan to follow.
    I'll look forward to "conversations" and hope you have a meaningful year ahead!

  2. Thanks Carol. I look forward to conversing with and learning from you.