Thursday, January 14, 2010

Politically Incorrect Statements for January 2010: My Own Personal Opinions

The Miss America Pageant has become a parody of itself.  The mannequin-like smiles and feigned enthusiasm of the contestants made me cringe with embarrassment for them.  I think those girls were just trying to get ahead, but it's too bad they had to perform  in such a humiliating, unnatural way to earn the judges' approval.  If you get the chance check out the list of judges.  Ha!
I am so sick of shopping at Walmart.  Finally, I have reached the point where I am willing to pay more money for a cozy atmosphere and sincere customer service.
There were many people of different nationalities in Haiti during the earthquake working with the Haitian people to improve the Haitian economy and quality of life.
I keep seeing Haitians on news shows desperately running and grabbing at anything that could help them to survive, but the video is shown in a way that makes the Haitian people seem to be sub-human rioters.  As if they ( the people who run the news shows) would act differently if they were in the same position.  I suppose those images of poor black people looking savage and dirty sells advertising. 
Here I go.  I live in the Baltimore area.  In this city already drowning in financial debt several years ago a seven year old boy was arrested, and taken to trial, you read right, for riding a dirt bike.  I don't know how much the trial cost, but much more than knocking on the door and informing the parents
Then we have the investigation of Mayor Sheila Dixon for stealing gift cards and not reporting gifts from her boyfriend on her taxes.  Once again in a city that is closing fire houses,  laying off workers, and ending after school programs, her trial and investigation cost the taxpayers of Baltimore millions of dollars.  She could have been fined and made to pay back the money she had stolen, and then voted out in the next election.  Most people agree that for the most part she has been a competent mayor.  But everything is political and once again the citizens of Baltimore lose, while political parties try to garner power.
At this point in my life I have met Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Pagans. and all of them believe their ways of seeing the Creator is Their Best Way.  I am amazed and always learn something from all of  them that I needed to know.  I think all of them have much truth in their stories and religions.  What matters to me most is their capacity for love, honesty, decency, and compassion.
Petroleum Jelly is one of the best moisturizers that I have used.  Also, I have found Witch Hazel to be an excellent low cost astringent.  Aloe is a great healer for my occasional zits.  I buy it from the health food store for three dollars and it lasts me for a year.
I would love Jesus if it were revealed to me that he was never perfect.
Just cannot take Christopher Lloyd seriously as an evil Klingon.
WouId Obama be president if he had ancestors that were slaves, had chocolate brown skin, and average looks?  Same personality and intellect.   I think not because there is an assumption that darker brown people are not as valuable as lighter skinned people in this world.  Too bad.


  1. Jesus is the perfect son of God, a human incarnate of God Himself. When He was here on earth, His humanity was visible--He got angry, anxious, tired, hungry, impatient, frustrated, yet without sinning! He loves us unconditionally, yet we are required to choose Him so that the Spirit of God can be revealed to us. God has given us a huge choice and great power: Free will to choose Him as our guide. Many people don't choose Him, many take a while to choose Him. I waited until I was 42 to humble myself and choose Him. The Bible says that to all who receive and welcome Him, He gives priviledge, power, and right to become children of God! John 1:12. I thank Him that he doesnt put conditions on me in order to love me and I definitely KNOW that I am loved. There is more out there than what our limited human senses can perceive. Many people make the mistake of holding God responsible for the folly of man speaking in the name of God. Because God has gifted us with this awesome power of Free Will, man will do and say all manner of things in God's name. We have to humble ourselves to get discernment and help! It true that anyone with an unteachable spirit can't learn! Have you ever looked at a smart aleck teenaged girl, who thinks she's knows more than the adults around her? Can you tell her one single thing? No. She has an unteachable spirit. Only when she's humbled can her spirit open to new information. I used to watch Judge Hatchett and time and again she had these types of kids in her courtroom--sure that they have figured out life! This figuring out life and humbling of self continues until old age or death. It's my challenge really. I recently learned that I'm really, truly, honest to god not ALWAYS smarter than my husband!! I really thought this. Im a few years older than he and that just made it more acute in my mind. In a moment of clarity, God revealed to me in that instant, that I'm truly not that smart as I believed all this time. Since I've read so many books, I really thought I knew it all!
    When the revelation that I'm not that smart hit me, a lot of weight fell from my shoulders! I was in shock! 1. That I'm not so smart; 2. That I'd argue to the death with my husband, and be wrong; 3. That alot of things I believed about myself, I need to step back and reevaluate in the light of not being so smart so that maybe I can get things right; 4. God allowed me to glimpse a sliver of reality. It was a gift to realize that I was walking around in a kind of falsehood and didnt know it! Whew!
    I have all three of those products and use them all! The Witch Hazel damaged my skin in my T-zone which is super dry right now. I even diluted it.
    Peace to you sister Judaye (sorry about the long post)

  2. I did not think to say that Witch Hazel and Petroleum Jelly would not work for everyone. Tells you how much I know!

    I am very oily in my t zone and very dry on my cheeks, so those products work well for me, but you are right. They will not work for everyone.

    I appreciate your perspective on Jesus and I thank you for your long comment. I learn a lot from reading what you have to say.


  3. Dear Judaye,
    As usual, i love to read you. I broke down my sister's door for a lot of cool things. I too swear by vaseline. And I too do Not think Jesus is perfect. But I learn a lot from people who do. Keep on writing!

  4. Thanks Charlotte. I have to keep writing even if it's not very good. I cannot seem to stop myself.