Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rachelle Ferrell Performing "Sister"

This is for the  the women of every hue and background who has loved me through some rough times, and continue to do so.  I will not make it without you.
Might as well add this one too.
Now this is Tiffany's fault because she reminded me of how much I admire Jill Scott.  Jill reminds me of the girls I knew growing up.
This culture tries to mythologize our sexuality for its own purposes.  We know what we want. We know who we are.  Remember and never forget.
'Cause I love men.  I just cannot help myself, talking about me, no one else.  If I was (oops) not married....
We need to protect and take care of ourselves.
Nothing to do with sisterhood. I just love this video!

Some of the sisters: My best friend (SUPREME HUSSY) Beverly.  I met her twenty-four years ago, and we have been through children, husbands, breakdowns, illness, and much happy and bitter laughter together.  I love her like a sister and have warned her repeatedly that she will never be able to get rid of me.
  I have to explain my hussy title for Bev because someone may take it the wrong way.  I only call people I respect hussy, unless they are really a hussy, then I call them something else.  Anyway Bev is a hussy because she is  strong, charming, intelligent, cute, creative, trustworthy, wise, and resourceful.  She always negotiates better prices than me at yard sales.  Hmph!  When I first met her I tried to figure out whether to be jealous or friends with her.  Luckily she chose me to be her friend.
I met Sister Sharon in September 2006 and was immediately impressed when this feisty, petite nun stood in front of the Religious Studies class and declared, I paraphrase, "If every few years I have not changed my mind about something I thought I knew, there is something wrong with me.  I need to always be growing."

She told me how she decided to get her Ph.D in Religious Studies.  Her brother told her she should be thinking about retiring at her current age, not furthering her education.  He seemed to give her just the push she needed to complete her degree and become the Chairman of her college department in Religious Studies.  Sr. said she never knew she was capable of accomplishing the things she did especially after the age of fifty and yet...  oh, she gives me hope.  By the way, her final exam for the class was a killer. She sets some high standards for her girls. What a woman!  When I grow up, I want to be like her.

A Mentor For Women

A Profile on Sister Sharon
By Staff Writer Hannah Brown from NDM Columns
Published: Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Updated: Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up wonder wrinkles the soul." This quote is made up of multicolored letters and is sitting on her desk, surrounded by papers from her students, pictures, and books.

As Sister Sharon Kanis, a member of the religious studies faculty, looks around her office, she declares it "chaos." On the tour of the small room, she points out numerous things that have made an impact on her life. "It helps me remember how big my world is and what I am really about," she says. The subjects are mostly women and students she would like to meet from countries far away.

"Sharon is a mentor for women," claims Dr. Brian Berry, religious studies faculty colleague. "She is an example of a person of faith who also fully human and fully alive, modeling for women younger and of her age as well." Kanis has been a professor at CND for 19 years.

She specializes in women's spirituality and practical theology, the practice of faith. She started teaching science in women's high school in 1964, and during the next nine years she continued to teach while she worked on her bachelor's degree in chemistry during the summers.

"By the time I did that [graduate]," said Sister Kanis, "I knew that what I really loved teaching was religion."

2005, Sister Kanis was awarded the Mullan Distinguished Teaching Award. Contrary to tradition, at the 2005 Honor's Convocation, President Mary Pat Surkamp did not give clues to lead up to announcing the honoree.

When they announced my name  my students just went wild. They were jumping up and down and everybody said to me afterward 'We never ever saw them like that'… and the warmth of that moment…and my students just touched my heart that day.

Sitting on her bookshelf, there is a small picture of eight African women and Sister Kanis taken 18 years ago when she was invited to Ghana to teach SSND novices theology. "We got to be very good buddies and they decided I needed to get dressed in the native dress and they tried to cornrow my hair, which was quite a sight.


  1. You changed your name! I like! I totally loved Sista by Rochelle Ferrell, I use to blast it from my car when I drove around the town. The bassline complements this woman's phenomental voice and range! She totally awesome! Thanks for reminding me--I got to pull her CD out of hiding. I like that quote, If I haven't changed my mind about something I thought I knew every few year.... I believe this! I am living this right now, as I have questioned everything I know and every conclusion I draw! And not surprising, I come to better conclusions. I find that I'm wrong about most things! And I so believed I was so smart. Ha Ha!

  2. Thanks Anna Renee. I am glad you enjoyed Rachelle Ferrell. There are so many people who are not aware of her talents of singing and song writing. I used a quote from her song "Indviduality" in a paper I wrote last year, and the teacher had no idea who she was.

    I decided to change the name because I was walking around the library looking for a magazine that represented middle aged woman of color and I could not find one. Since I have not been able to figure out what my main mission will be for my blog since I started playing with it in June, I decided this blog could become that magazine. And so I have a lot of work and research to do. What are our issues? Women classified as white are beige, golden-colored, cream are colored too; how do I include them? I really need to read a lot of blogs, books, articles, and talk to women. In the meanwhile I will try to do some posts that I think are relevant to middle aged woman of color.