Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blizzards and Birds?

I have been inside for two days and I am starting to get cabin fever.  I mean I love Jake and all, but I need to get out and do something.  Some of you know I live in Northeast Maryland. We have had about thirty inches of snow in the last week and the schools have been canceled since Monday.  At least the teachers and kids are happy:)

Me, I finally did get out on Tuesday and I noticed that there were little birds flying around the rather deep and large snow piles, mostly made from shoveling.  I wondered why they were still here in this area.  Shouldn't they have flew south?  Surely there could be no food for them around here.

 I went inside and got some bread and threw it outside on the shoveled sidewalk and the piles of snow.  The birds ignored the bread and kept rooting for food in the exposed ground and under the porch.  I thought they might feel safer if I went in.

 A few hours later I checked to see if the food was there and it was gone.  I hoped the birds ate it.  I don't know what kind of birds they were; they were small  dark brown, and had some some kind of speckled color on their wings.

A television program I saw once said that there were some birds that had their wings clipped about one hundred years ago to keep them in the area.   I think it was Pennsylvania.  I cannot remember why the birds were altered; maybe the people there wanted birds year round for some reason.  Anyway, they (the clipped birds) could not teach their children how to fly south and so the descendants of the children can fly south, but don't know how.  I have been watching the snow shows (the local news) on television and there were geese flying over some of the video shots.  Maybe there are birds that do not naturally fly south.  Makes me wonder.

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