Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yeah, I said it! More Politically Incorrect Opinions for February 2010.

Yeah, he looks good, but how does he smell?

Sawyer Brown said it so much better than I ever could:  Some guys don't like girls like me, but some guys do!

I hate to admit it, but my siblings and I occasionally watched Hee Haw and The Lawrence Welk show.  In those days we only had five television channels.

Why should I be angry at Tiger Woods?  As far as I know he has done nothing to hurt me.  I do not need an apology from him; what I need is for Tiger to beat down the South Africans and the Irish in golf.

I am free, colored, and 48.

If I had $10,000., I would not spend it on a wedding dress. 

I love black men. Mexican. Asian. Indian. Arab-Dark and Light and In-Between.  All of em.  So many times people assume that because I am married to a blond, blue eyed man that I am incapable of finding other men attractive.  Unfortunately, I like them all, but I am faithfully devoted to my husband, and plan to stay with him until I don't want to anymore.  I want him and I have spent the majority of my life with him. I could have ended up like this:  Of course, I'm no Marlena Dietrich, but stop trying to put me in a box.

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