Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Almost hit another child today....

and it was my fault.  No I don't mean hitting as in disciplining the children that I tutor.  I could have run over a kid with my car.

Back in the day, when I was a child in Detroit BC (before crack) we would get yelled at-Madea style- if when ran out in front of someone's car.  Now I can't do that, so I have to stay calm or risk being locked up or sued.

It goes something like this:
It is a wonderful spring day in the neighborhood and I am driving about five mph because there are youngsters on the streets and I know that one of them could run out in front of me.  Then it happens.  Some cute little five year old who just learned to ride without training wheels rides their bike about two feet in front of my car, simultaneously giving me a big toothless grin.  I hit the brakes breathing heavily, while cussing under my breath, thanking God, and slightly wetting my pants.  I put the car in park, let down the window and yell for the kid to come to me.  By this time there is a crowd of adorable urchins including the offending child who all look at me as if they have no idea who or what I am talking about.  I point at the child I want.
Judaye:  "Come here, you.
Child:     "Me? Why?"  Pretends as if she has no clue.
Judaye:   "Why are you trying to give me a heart attack?"
Child:      "Huh?"  Big grin again.
Judaye:   "When you go out in the street you need to be careful. Look to see  if there are cars coming because if I hit you by accident, I will be devastated.  Do you hear me?
Child:      "Ummm, Oh, OK."  Mostly couldn't care less.
Then I drive off and all the children swarm gleefully into the middle of the street.  This happens about once a year.

What happened today was totally different from what what I described above.  I was parked in a crowded parking lot and very slowly backing out as I carefully looked for cars and people.  A woman and her small child must have come from in between the cars because it seemed to me that they came out of nowhere.  I saw them before I hit them, but the woman gave me a real nasty look.  You see, I usually park out in the open by myself for this very reason.  In this case, I needed to stick to my long established habits.  On the way home a man cut me off and I could not even work up any anger against him because I knew I had just made an error in judgement too.

Very soon the leaves will be on the trees again.  I love Spring.  I really do.  It will always be one of my favorite seasons.

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