Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've Got My Own Life To Live!

I am sitting here at the computer trying to find an art website I was sure I had put on favorites when I hear crying outside in my yard.  I keep telling myself I am not going to say anything else to the neighborhood kids, but before I can stop myself I am at the door yelling, "What are you kids doing?"

Standing below my porch are my neighbor's children, their friends, and a light brown fluffy dog.  Two of them are related; they are brother and sister.  The brother who is seven is sobbing and holding his arm.

"She's trying to hurt me, " he whines pointing to his ten year old sister.

She shouts back, "Well, he's always trying to follow me. I've got my own life to live!"

I look at the both of them and say, "I see."

Not long ago, I wanted to follow my sister around too.  She is five years older than me, and I just thought she was cool and I wanted her attention.  She definitely didn't want  to take me anywhere with her.

It is usually like that in most families.  That is why I regularly read her diary and got into her clothes and makeup!


  1. I wonder if your sister ever found out. Mine didn't. LOL

  2. She did find out and there was nothing she could do about it, since she didn't like to fight. She put a lock on her door, and I got through that too!