Monday, May 2, 2011

Lara Logan Tells How She Was Raped in Cairo.

Instead of rape, what happened could be called sexual violence, but I keep wondering who chose the definitions.  Ms. Logan says something in this Sixty Minutes segment that made me sad.  I am paraphrasing: "I thank God for saving me even if I didn't deserve it."  She felt that she had put her self in harm's way.  As if she were to blame in any way for what those disgusting degenerates did.  Why is it that victims of sexual assault always blame themselves?  There must be some kind of schism in our brains that make us take some of their vileness and smack it back on ourselves.  She also said she "didn't want to make more or less of the attack than what it was."  I know that everyone, including me, will be evaluating her words, but what she described was attempted murder.  Those men wanted to literally tear her apart.  I was so angry I started yelling at my son and husband because their gender/sex is not more involved in working to stop the violence against women.  Where are the men?  Why don't they do more?

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