Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preview of Dark Girls Documentary

When I was in elementary school I used to say, "Nobody in this family likes me because I'm dark."  I could see the lighter girls in school were favored by the teachers and other children and I was jealous of those girls with lighter skins and good hair.  Wide Awake Jake helped me to see the beauty of my brown skin.  He told me he loves my soft brown skin and I started to see its warm and rich beauty.  Now, I am so grateful for the skin I'm in.

Since I grew up in the day of the afro, I will always cherish bushy, nappy hair. 

I have a younger cousin with "good hair" and very light skin.  She told me that she could see the difference in how people acted towards she and her darker cousins and she felt sad about the whole situation.  Wow!  Is our thinking ever going to change? 
This film will be released in Fall/Winter 2011. Please "Like" the Dark Girls page on Facebook, we will keep you updated with news there.

Directed by Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry
Produced by Bill Duke for Duke Media
and D. Channsin Berry for Urban Winter Entertainment
Co-Produced by Bradinn French
Edited by Bradinn French


  1. you know... the way I look at it, all skin colors are beautiful, but I also realize that this stuff happens and has been happening for a very long time... and it really does need to change. (I've heard some really bad stories from an online friend about her years at one of the major black colleges, down in Atlanta... people from New Orleans actually doing what they called "the paper bag test"" and such.)

    As for 'fros (and locks), I often feel some envy there, because people with kinky, nappy hair can sculpt it and pull off styles that will never, ever work for me. (And it would be pointless for me to try them!) And hey, there were folks like the late Phoebe Snow who *could* make it work. (That's my era, too.)

  2. OK, my 1st comment was written before I watched the preview.

    these beautiful women... and their kids. I hope and pray that this self-hatred and discrimination comes to an end very soon. it is truly an abusive, evil thing. (the honesty here made me cry...)

    fwiw, my friend (that I mentioned in my 1st comment is very dark-skinned, so... (And she's gorgeous.)