Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Am So Disgusted...

(I moved this up because I can't stop talking or thinking about vaginas and the mental and physical health of women.)

I can barely speak.  Needless to say I will NEVER knowingly buy any product made by any company affiliated with them (I can't even say their name).   Women, are these your vaginas?  Do you need them to tell you how dirty it is?  2011 and corporations still feel comfortable attacking vaginas.

Seeing these commercials made me feel sad that there is so little respect for vaginas in our culture or the world.  I attended college at a religious women's school that had some outstanding academic programs.  The administration knew that some of their important financial donors wouldn't feel comfortable with a reading of The Vagina Monologues.  It had to be performed in quiet places with no advertisement.  I was there and saw it with my own eyes.

So now what?   I can see the economy is not so good and I understand they are aiming at what they think is a vulnerable target.  Are we?

Read some more thought on this subject on the Crunk Feminist Collective Blog:

As you can see Summer's Eve removed the videos from the internet.  I don't blame them for being embarrassed.  Those videos were racist and sexist.

I think Summer's Eve is showing a pattern of bad behavior.  Look at this magazine advertisement from last year on the Huffington Post.  There was not enough outcry last year so Summer's Eve felt they had been given a green light to go ahead with their current ridiculous campaigns.

Now look at Fleet's reply on Huffington Post:
11:59 AM on 8/27/2010

Hi I am Angela Bryant, Summer’s Eve Brand Manager. I would like to first of all apologize if this ad in anyway has offended anyone. We are taking immediate next steps to remove the ad from circulatio­n. We want you to know that Fleet Laboratori­es and the Summer’s Eve brand have the utmost respect for women. While we understand how some may come to an alternativ­e conclusion regarding our recent ad, that was never our intention. Thank you.
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I think it is obvious that Fleet Laboratories have an invested interest in women believing they have stinky vaginas.

Fleet also makes Norforms Suppositories which are "Specially Formulated for Effective, Long-Lasting Feminine Odor Protection."  It comes in an Island Escape scent.  Hey, I thought people were trying to get inside not escape.

I'm feeling awful sad that we don't show more love to vaginas.  They deserve every good thing that ever comes to them and they are not supposed to smell like flowers. 

Here's the Hail To The V commercial. Just remember when those vaginas were being fought for there were no Summer's Eve cloths to swipe 'em with, and yet the men were willing to die according to the commercial.
You can at least use those cloths to clean yourself up afterwards, know what I mean?

Didn't know Latinas routinely wore leopard thongs.  I wonder how the Summer Eve's ad writers know?

Hey nice girl, don't offend other people with your embarrassing odors after you work out.  That's just plain old rude.  Didn't your mother teach you any better?


  1. Are these commercials for real?! OMGosh! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Donna

  2. Yes, and I think they expected woman to like them.