Monday, July 11, 2011

iPod Magic

 A few years ago my brother bought me an iPod for a present.  At the time I didn't even know what an iPod was.  Now the thing is almost full and I have got so many good things on it: Jay Z and Joshua Bell, Keb'Mo and Al Jarreau, and a short story by Oscar Wilde.

One day I was driving down Interstate 95 with the iPod in shuffle mode.  Shuffle mode means that the iPod will create a unique sequence of songs on its own.  I was listening to Alicia Keys when out of nowhere came the unassuming voice of Langston Hughes reading his poetry.  I had forgotten that it was on the iPod.  So there I was speeding down 95 with the windows open and the voice of one of my favorite poets resounding in my ears.  I couldn't help but wonder what Hughes would think about it.  Some parts of technology are marvelous.

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