Friday, July 1, 2011

Satoshi Kanozawa Opened My Eyes.

At first I was angry.  No, no, I was pissed off cussing mad.  Kanozawa is the person who wrote a blog post on Psychology Today about how women of African descent are physically less attractive than other women.  The blog post was very subjective and based on unscientific data.  What irritated me was that Kanozawa felt comfortable and safe writing his opinion on Psychology Today.  I had a link on my blog from that website, but since they felt comfortable allowing black women to be belittled and devalued, I felt that I had no business associating with them.

Then I started looking around.  I am sorry to say that I don't pay enough attention to what's around me. Honey, people, let me tell you straight up: there are plenty of good looking black chicks out there. 

I have been seeing women of all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes.  I have been admiring smooth skin, attractive gray hair contrasted against brown skin, and plenty of women with lovely and graceful bearing.  I have seen some beautiful clothing, comely hairstyles, and choice jewelry.  And some of these girls are smelling toooo good.

If I hadn't read the lies put forth in that blog post, I don't think I would have taken another look at the beauty of women of African descent.  Ladies, you make me proud and it does my heart good to see you.  You are enchanting.  Maybe Kanozawa was rejected by one of you!

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