Thursday, August 18, 2011

Detroit Diaspora

In case you didn't know, I was born in Detroit and lived there the first twenty years of my life.  I had some good times during those years; Detroit had some of the best block parties in the world.  The city would barricade the street at both ends so cars couldn't drive down the block, and we children and some adults were in heaven as we played hopscotch, jumped rope, rode bikes and played tag in the middle of the street.  And on top of all that most of the houses had a relaxed and happy party going.  I ran from porch to porch sampling all the good food. 

One house (this was forty years ago) had homemade pickles.  I hung out there and ate all those pickles and the woman who was sitting outside had to go back in the house and get some more.  Although I was too shy to ask her how they were made, I told myself that one day I would learn how to make those pickles. 

More than forty years passed and I never learned how.  I thought I would have to learn to can vegetables and I couldn't found anyone to properly teach me.  I was afraid that I would poison someone with samonella or something. 

But this summer I found a quick easy recipe for refrigerator pickles on  I doubled the recipe.  They were good and crisp, but a little too sweet.  It's important to use fresh from a garden cucumbers in this recipe and the next time I make them I will cut back on the sugar. 

Jake and Bub didn't like them, so I ate all of them by myself.  I felt like I was back at that block party eating all those pickles again.  Say it, say it: More than cars and Motown came out of Detroit.  When you think of Detroit think of block parties, pickles and little girls gleefully running down the streets with big grins on their faces.  After all, block parties are a part of the city's history too.
I still want to learn how to can.

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