Monday, August 8, 2011

People Watching

Admittingly, I am one of those closed mouthed people who like to watch others.  Although I'm not speaking my brain is humming most of the time, ok sometimes, but I don't consider myself a voyeur.  I just find people interesting, wonderful, fascinating and hilarous.  Whatever the case, I do notice things that others don't seem to.  This is what I have seen lately.

I volunteer a few hours a week at the local library because someone told me that since I use the place so much I should be giving something back.  There I was in the children's section trying to find some picture books and there were these three absolutely adorable children, all under the age of seven, zipping around me and the bookcases.  Their mother, a young woman sitting with her feet propped up in a chair, had her cell phone plugged in the wall talking and giggling about some guy. When I looked at her she just shrugged. 

Two of the children were doing a Dr. Seuss puzzle on the floor and the older girl was telling the little boy not to touch the puzzle because she didn't need his help.  The little boy kept whining and begging his sister to let him do the puzzle too.  Finally she gave in.  They worked together arguing and fussing for a few minutes and then the little boy picked up one section of puzzle and showed it to his sister.

 "Look," he shouted.  "It's a gun."  I looked over and saw that the piece was indeed the shape of a small revolver.  He stared at the piece in his hand, turning it over, giggled, and continued working on the puzzle.

It's hot and muggy here.  The other day I went to the bank and when I left I had my air conditioner on full blast.  Out there in the shimmering parking lot were a group of Mexican men doing landscape work.

There was one particular man who caught my eye.  He was a small boned man maybe in his thirties.  He was about to climb into a large high truck when I noticed there was something regal about the way he was standing.  He had what I call good bearing and it was very natural.  When I looked in his eyes I saw mountains,  forests and a breathtaking sunset.  It only lasted a microsecond and I don't think he ever saw me looking at him, but I'll never forget him. 

No, I don't think I had been out in the sun too long.

Jake and I were in Walmart and we got separated.  My cell phone needed a charge so I couldn't call him so  I sat down in the front of the store to wait.  It was an ideal people watching opportunity

Once I thought I saw Isabel Allende in Walmart.  I am serious and it might have been her but I was too scared to ask.

This man and woman walked past me and they both had on shorts.  The man had really nice looking slender, masculine legs but they were hairless.  I was puzzled.  Had I once again missed some kind of fad?  Did men shave their legs now?  Jake has leg hair.  Bub has leg hair.  Even I have leg hair.  I decided to examine some of the other men's legs who walked pass.  Now I had a legitimate reason for looking at legs if Jake saw me doing it. Ha! 

Every man that walked passed me after the hairless one had hair, plenty of hair, and I like hair.  

Another good place to watch people is the boardwalk in Atlantic City.  Train stations can be interesting too.  Bus stations are not so good.  I have a lot of experience with bus stations, but I'll save those stories for another blog post.

I really like that line about drugs and guns coming into the community. 

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