Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All In The Family: "Everybody Tells The Truth"

I need to be reminded that my perspective is just one out of many that is important and relevant.  This episode always helps me to remember that I think of individuals as stereotypes and it makes me laugh too.  Ron Glass as the Militant Black Man looks like my son Bub when he lets his hair grow except I've never known him to wear a dashiki.  However he does have some Malcolm X glasses and a little goatee these days. This is what Ron Glass  looked liked in 2005:
 From Wikipedia

Favorite Quote: Archie says, "In ancient Rome they killed Sid Caesar with a bunch of knives like that."

The Mau Maus were a group of Kikiyus that fought against the colonial goverment in Kenya.
They caused the British settlers a lot of fear.

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