Monday, September 26, 2011

Detroit Diaspora: I Am The Product Of My Environment.

The Spirit of Detroit by Marshall Fredericks

I grew up on the east side during the sixties through eighties, before crack, and during white flight. 

There was a little bit of everybody.  As a result I feel most comfortable in diversity.

The neighborhoods were mixed with Southern Whites, Blacks, Greeks, Italians, Poles, and Arabs.

We had a lovely neighbor categorized as white whose family came up from Tennessee.  This little girl had pretty brown hair that curled at the edges.  We loved to comb it and she loved to comb ours.  Everytime she touched our hair she had a look of awe and wonder on her face.  No doubt she influenced some of how I see my nappy hair. 

Thick nappy hair greased and washed is a blessing to behold.

Detroit is the place that shaped me.

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