Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex!

It started in eight grade when I made a comment that one of my classmates was pretty. Someone in the group of girls I was talking to said "Oooooh that sounds gay."  All the girls looked at me to watch my reaction. I just shrugged and replied, "Well, I didn't mean it that way." That satisfied them. The subject changed to something else and I stood there wondering what had just happened.

So, I thought, if I acknowledge another woman's beauty, does that mean I want to have a sexual relationship with her?   I knew the answer was no, but for years I was careful about what I said about women and men.

I think that men and women are irresitibly beautiful.  When I was nine years old I thought Tom Jones was hot but I have never wanted to have sex with him.  Some people don't understand why.  It is because we don't know one another.  I don't know where his hands have been, but I would take a peck on the cheek if he smelled good.  The same goes for Delroy Lindo, Keanu Reeves, and Avery Brooks.  And Ruben Blades.  Sexy women I want to emulate are Gloria Estefan, Tina Turner, Ann Margaret, Lizz Wright, and Queen Latifah. And Sade Adu.  This list of lust could go on forever and it does.  

Once, I made the mistake of asking a man the name of his cologne in front of his woman.  She thought I was flirting with him.  The thought never occurred to me.  Jake was standing right next to him.  Another time I saw a woman with beautiful wrinkles.  It looked like she had a spider web on her face. I saw a man with a lustrous silver mane and a little woman with a grand large nose.  He was sexy and she looked like a queen.  I try not to stare.  People might jump to the wrong conclusions.

Paraphrasing Audre Lorde, these days I'm saying what I think even though my words may be misunderstood or twisted.  I love men and women and there is no way to change my preferences.  That's all I know.

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