Thursday, September 8, 2011

On The Soap Box!

It's been raining for two weeks and my mood is starting to be affected.

Regardless of the rain some things are still not right.  For one, I just saw Hugh Laurie on Good Morning America doing a version of  the blues classic "You Don't Know My Mind" as if he were Lady Gaga.  Laurie is making a lot of money off that record.  Umph, ain't that something?  Here's Odetta doing the same song.  Now that's better.

Then, also on GMC was this segment on saving for retirement.  How the hell are people suppose to save for retirement with no jobs?  Or pay off their credit cards?  That segment must have been meant for people with money.  Ignore everybody else.

Last night was the Republican Presidential Debate and for some reason Bub wanted to look at it.  He said it amuses him.  I was disgusted by what I saw of it but not surprised.  All of them say we need jobs jobs jobs.  Bachmann claims Obamacare made the jobs go away.  I mention her because I think she's the least qualified of the bunch for obvious reasons.

Anyway none of them had any ideas on how to generate those jobs jobs jobs.  It's a scary situation we find ourselves in people.  I think the first part of the solution is to admit we're not sure what to do and then start making educated prayerful guesses.  That's all I got.

On a more positive note, Jake got a new haircut and he looks hot.

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