Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sociopathic Tendencies in Child Sex Abusers

As someone who has been sexually abused, I've always wanted to understand how a human being became depraved, full of enough evil and cruelty to rape an innocent child.  To try to increase my perception and knowledge I have been reading The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout Ph.D.  In the book Dr. Stout dedicates an entire chapter about the value of a conscious.

Dr. Stout's book covers why not having a conscious is fatal, how sociopaths can appear to be harmless and sweet, and how difficult is it to immediately know if someone is a sociopath. Stout describes a sociopath as "someone incapable of having a real emotional attachment to another, is unable to love or worry about family and friends and cannot share joy with others" (Stout 45-47). Sociopaths know how to pretend to love, but cannot actually care for another person.

In Chapter 7, "The Etiology of Guiltlessness: What causes Sociopathy,"  I had to look up etiologyAccording to the Webster-Merriam Dictionary, etiology, a noun, is the cause of disease and abnormal disease or a branch of knowledge concerned with knowledge; specifically: the branch of medical science concerned with the causes and origins of diseases.  Stout discusses her belief that sociopathy is probably caused by both heredity and environment.

It was creepy reading about these people.  I suggest you read it only if you're in a good place mentally.

You can read a preview of the book here.

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