Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Statement Will Make Some People Angry: The Husband Is The Leader Of The Family

That's what I said.  The husband is the leader of the family  What I mean is that he is responsible for the family as a whole.  He cannot make anyone follow him.  He can never control other people, especially not his wife.  He has to earn the respect of his family and children.  He will never earn it by trying to control them.  No, a man has to love his family.  He has to know he needs a lot of help because he doesn't know everything.  In some cases he doesn't know much of anything.   He must try to build up the self esteem of his wife, daughters, and sons. He has to tell his family what he thinks is right and let them do what they want or need to do.  Sometimes he is right.  Sometimes he is wrong.  He has to know that he and his reasoning is imperfect and yet he is ultimately responsible for his family.  He has to work hard and do everything he can to financially support his family.  He is responsible for doing the best he can to insure their well being.  It is his duty.  It is who he is.

Be good to yourself or I will talk about you.

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