Monday, March 12, 2012

At The Grocery Store

When I go out I'm usually thinking about what I have to do and where I'm going.  Never do I anticipate what will come into my field of vision.

In the grocery store one time there was a balding woman.  Balding means that her hair was missing past the middle of her head.  Her exposed scalp was a rich brown color and it glowed with good health.  The hair that was left was thick and beautiful.  She gave me a defiant look then went about her business.

Another time in the grocery store, a bearded woman was walking down the cheese and milk aisle. It was the kind of beard that isn't completely grown in.  The beard itself was very attractive; it was pretty, wavy, and shiny.

She gave me a look that said, " That's right.  I've got a beard and it looks good don't it?"

I said to myself, "Yep. I don't know if it looks good on you."

Today in the grocery store: I go to the store twice a week.  There was this young man in a long trench coat with wild looking light brown hair wandering around with his hands in his pockets.  After the massacre in Afghanistan my nerves are on edge.  The strategy was to actively avoid him.   Of course, at the self checkout he was behind me with two woman.  One looked like his mother and the other his sister.  He hadn't come into the store alone.  Relieved, I started to check out my small order.

Guess what?  My debit card was rejected, but this time I actually had the money in the account to cover my purchase.  My face burned with embarrassment.  Luckily my skin is a dark brown so most people don't notice.  They went to another line.  I used a credit card then rushed to the car to check my balance.  The cell phone didn't work.

Calmly, I drove home to see about my bank balance.  I was right. The money was in there.    Happy sigh. 

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