Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On The Soapbox.. Again! Moisturizing

Now that I am over 50, I can see the effects of 30 years of daily hot soapy showers while using regular moisturizers.  Those showers have caused extremely dry patches on my skin.  It's my elbows, knees, and the calf of one of my legs.  My feet look like I got away from Pompeii.  I simply cannot take a shower every day anymore.

I take a shower every other day and wash my face and the necessary parts in the sink.  Then I use a very heavy, fatty organic coconut oil on the dry areas every day.  All of these changes are helping the dry skin to stop looking like alligator hide.

When I was growing up all of the older women in my family had smooth skin. They didn't bathe everyday because they grew in houses with one bathroom or no bathroom and lots of children.  They washed up everyday and took a bath only once or twice a week.  They kept those habits all their lives.  Then my mother taught it to me, but when I got older I fell in love with very hot water.

I am wondering if human skin is meant to be scrubbed every day.  Personally I don't think so.

Be good to yourself or I will talk about you.

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