Monday, April 30, 2012

Not A Girlie Girl

I have never been or considered a "girlie girl.  Pantyhose is itchy.  Thongs: My ass has to be comfortable.  Rarely do I shave anything.  Bikinis show too much of my body.  That's only for Jake to see.  High heels feel like walking on stilts.  My hair is natural.  A perm feels like the hair on corpses and hair dye on an older woman makes some look fake and hard.  Hands are used for creating jewelry, so my nails are short and unpolished.  The bottom of my feet need to be hard because I walk barefoot outside.

At the same time my touch and presence are calming.  These days my body is amply padded and supportive. I generally smell good.   My skin is smooth and my breath is fresh.  Peppermint.   Unfortunately, I have a feminine voice, not deep and sexy like Brenda Vaccaro's.  Secrets are safe with me.  I have always been extremely loyal.  My money isn't spent on clothes, shoes or makeup.  It's incense, lotion, soap, oils and too many books that I hide from Jake.  My immediate family is very important.  I see much, but try not to say a lot.

My three sisters are different from me.  They wear heels and hose, hair weaves, wigs, and false nails. They are all strong and smart women whom I admire.  It seems okay to be unalike, eh?  I think so.

After saying all that, I could use a breast lift.

Disclaimer:  This is the opinion of Judaye.  There's no reason for anyone to agree with me.  Most of my family and friends don't.

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