Friday, December 28, 2012

On the Soap Box: Tia Norfleet

Nascar's Tia Norfleet (May 1, 1988) is the first American woman of African descent to qualify for and obtain a Nascar license. As someone forced to watch Nascar for twenty-five years, I'm happy to see this young woman competing. I'm looking forward to seeing her kick budy and run some of those traditional Nascar drivers off the track.

 Oh yeah!

What she is able to accomplish on the track is what's important; so, I'm disturbed by pictures that present Norfleet as a seductive temptress. European culture cast African women as exotic and insatiable in order to fulfill their own sexual fantasies.

Of course that's not who African women are.

I don't see any male drivers posing for no pictures.

If Tia Norfleet wants to be taken seriously as a legitimate Nascar competitor, I think she should concentrate on winning some races, instead of trying to get attention by posing for provocative photographs.

Come on Miss Tia! We can see you're beautiful, but the way you look has nothing to do with intelligent, strategic driving. Personally, I don't care if you're bald and toothless; I just want to see you finish in higher track positions.

Okay. I'm climbing down.

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