Thursday, December 13, 2012

Someone Asked Me What I Would Put In A Time Capsule for 2012.

I had to think hard about it and I still didn't come up with much.

DVD of the first debate between Obama and Romney. You can draw your own conclusions about it.

Newspaper story about typhoon Bopha in the Philippines.

Copies of Fifty Shades of Gray Trilogy.

Average price of gasoline for the year. It was $3.61.

The year went by fast and I was very blessed.

To tell the truth, I tried not to give much attention to what was going in the world, because thinking about it makes me disgusted and cynical.

What would you put into a time capsule for 2012?

Changing the subject somewhat, I have no problem coming up with the idea of putting Gil Scott-Heron in a time capsule of my time on Earth, because I've listened to him for 42 years. His voice takes me to another consciousness; it's as if he put his whole heart into his music.

Scott-Heron is a musician and poet from Chicago, Illinois, and he was doing spoken word in the seventies. Scott-Heron received his B.A. from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, and his Masters in Creative Writing from John Hopkins in Baltimore. He was arrested at least twice and served several years in prison for charges related to drug possession.

He did eventually break his drug addiction and spent his last years as an elder, communicating wisdom he acquired from his career, relationships, and drug addiction. Scott-Heron died in May 2011, possibly from complications of HIV.

Here is a song from the 1971 album Pieces of a Dream: "I'll Think I'll Call It Morning." I hope you enjoy it.

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