Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Microwave Blew Up!


What happened is about six weeks ago our fifteen year old microwave caught on fire. For twenty-five years we used a microwave, but didn't grow up with one. So...

 We went back to the old ways.

Forty years ago Jake and I, had no:
  • Video or DVD Players.
  • Cable. People got along with seven or less channels.
  • Computer, Spell-check, Internet, or Printer.
  • Remote.
  • Cellphone.
  • Air Conditioner. We Sang into the Fan.
  • Voraciously read cereal boxes and schemed to get prizes.
  • Had No Dishwasher.
  • Ate white bread.
  • Had One Bathroom.
  • Used the Broiler to Make Toast.
  • Cooked Popcorn on the Top of the Stove.
We found out food cooked on the stove tastes better than the food made in the microwave, particularly vegetables and hot chocolate. It's what the call "slow food"  Homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream is the heavenly. The recipe is on the Hershey's cocoa can.

We are not old as the hills. Some people say we have peaked, that we're headed down the hill that ends in hip replacements and cheap toupees. We haven't gotten there yet. We hope to.

It's either that or die young.

Will we go back to using the microwave? Yes. Of course. We'll use it to warm food and coffee and make popcorn, etc., etc. We'll also remember we don't need to use it.

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